In Algorithms We Need To Trust? Not There Yet

Artificial Intelligence is impacting our lives for good, so we need to take a closer look

  • AI systems need to be designed in a way that ensures they’re transparent and fair,
  • The organizations that own and operate AI systems should be mature enough for governing them responsibly.
  • What are the best practices when evaluating how an organization governs an AI system?
  • Is there a golden standard for Transparent AI that can rule all explanations?
  • We’re evaluating the fairness of an AI model in a quantitative way (i.e. bias testing), however, is this enough?
  • How is it possible for an organization to find a balance between building Trustworthy AI versus optimizing for efficiency and for maximizing their business profits?
Yiannis Kanellopoulos



At code4thought we deeply want to help society address the challenges and injustices imposed by automated decision making technology.

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