AI | What CEOs, Boards, and Investors Must Keep Top of Mind

  1. AI is not a panacea.
  2. AI is essentially the combination of probabilistic software and data. Both bear great risks for an organisation when not handled properly.
  3. Controlling AI means controlling the way it is constructed as well as the way it is managed.
  4. The intricacies of AI should be made explainable and understandable especially to the non-experts (even to you, dear CEO). A simple graph will do.
  5. There is no objective or fair AI when it is trained only on historical data.
  • Autonomous Decision-Making with Social Impact (e.g. credit scoring, risk assessments for judicial purposes),
  • Computer vision in autonomous driving and surveillance systems,
  • Health,
  • Cyber-Security & Threat Analysis,
  • M&A Due Diligence.



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