code4thought is a technology company with a unique purpose: to render technology transparent for large scale software and AI-based systems. Our #softwarequality solutions focus on addressing IT-related flaws at the root, managing associated risks and costs and improving business value. As a member of Software Improvement Group, we evaluate & monitor the quality of any software system at every stage of their life cycle. Through the analysis of source code and architecture, we create insights for the software engineers and C-level management based on the ISO 25010 international standard. In the domain of #TrustworthyAI, we analyze any given AI-based system at any lifecycle stage with PyThia, our own platform, on the #AIBias, #AIExplainability and #Robustness perspectives, based on the ISO 29119-11 international standard for #AItesting. Moreover, with our #AIGovernance advisory service, we help and advise as to what are the best-practices for setting up the proper processes and infrastructure that will ensure Reliable and #ResponsibleAI - systems. Powered by international partnerships & projects, our TIER1 customer base and a team of experienced Software, ML & DevOps Engineers, we aspire to make technology trusted & thoughtful!